Sticks and Stones

Americans LOOOOVE being outraged; throwing tempests in teapots at the drop of a hat. Bottom line, Roseanne told us who she was 30 some-odd years ago when she began her comedy career. She told us that she was an uneducated white-trash attention whore who does shit just to do it. We are WELL AWARE that we need to take everything she says and does with a grain of salt.

And Ivanka deserves to be called a feckless cunt. Standing behind her tyrant of a Father because he holds the keys to the kingdom, all the while the kingdom is committing unspeakable acts against those who are least able to defend themselves.

Shame on us.

This kind of outrage being expressed by people, complaining about the “vulgar” nature of public discourse, this is nothing but nihilism, re-tooled for our end-stage capitalistic culture.

The REAL profanity lies in the fact that we are undergoing a holocaust–right before our eyes–and nobody seems to give a shit about it. We are taking people’s freedoms away from them, throwing them in ICE detention facilities, indefinitely, without a second thought to what is happening to them while they’re being detained.

Many of these people have perfectly valid work permits, by the way, or they’ve been working here so long–decades and decades, with zero crimes committed–that they deserve to be left alone. And more facilities are being built as we speak, with dozens of these Concentration Camps scheduled to open in the next year.

And, Trump’s new policy requires that border patrol agents FORCIBLY remove children from their parents. THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!

Infants, toddlers, preschoolers, grade schoolers, pre-adolescents, and teenagers are being stolen from their families and stuck GOD KNOWS WHERE, BECAUSE WE’VE “LOST TRACK OF” THEM. 1,500 children have gone missing since the inception of this policy. Where are they?!?!?!

American’s don’t give a shit about these innocent children; children who are likely being sold on the black market as we speak, sold into unspeakably horrific exploitation, being sexually, physically, emotionally and chemically abused, and the only outrage Americans can muster up is to protest is a four-letter word? Seriously?

You’re being duped if you think that a 4-letter-word is the problem.

The blood of those children is on all our hands. You don’t get to excuse yourself just because you claim to be emotionally scarred by a cussword.

And, a lot of the same people who seem to be terrified of cusswords are the same people who claim they’d take up arms against a tyrannical government? You’re obviously too weak and cowardly to do such a thing. Evidence? The tyrannical government is already here. And you’re whining about a cussword.


What are Narratives?

Narratives are commonly understood symbolic ideas, which are made up of smaller bits–called “themes,” which are stored in our brains from a very young age as we begin to understand how the world works. Themes are tiny little snippets of information–painting a fence, campfires, canoeing down a river, skin color, disobeying authority, mosquitoes, cooperation, youth–that tell a larger narrative.

In the case of the above themes, they are all part of the larger narrative of Tom Sawyer’s and Huckleberry Finn’s adventures along the Mississippi.

Themes are little puzzle pieces in your brain which can be used in any number of narratives.

And, the more themes you put together, the more apparent it becomes that the above themes are among many themes which make up the narratives in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

But, this is NOT just a linguistic phenomenon–it’s a neurological one.

When you are born, you’re equipped with a great deal of extra “hardware,” in the way of nerve cells, and this is so that you can quickly begin putting together little packages of information–themes–and later sorting them by experience and relatedness–narratives.

And, narratives are bundles of themes that quite quickly become solidified together and eventually become self-selecting, meaning that even when you perceive a different narrative than the one that your brain has already established, it is rejected, filed away in a garbage bin or simply ignored. EVEN IF THE NEW NARRATIVE MAKES MORE SENSE.

This is why grownups can be stubbornly wrong about something and believe they are correct. This is why it’s SO IMPORTANT to model good and appropriate narratives to your children. and this is why it’s so important to continually use the Socratic Method, which is, when you come up against a “common assumption,” you should IMMEDIATELY look for evidence to the contrary of those assumptions. This is why, in the words of that enlightened soul, Jonathan Swift, “Falsehood flies round the world while Truth is pulling on her boots.”

One of the most prolific narratives of Judeo-Christian “Western” thought, is the “redemption” narrative. Among the themes in this narrative, are the following: Sin, harming others, harming yourself, pain, guilt, shame, change, free will, remorse, embarrassment, fear of censure or abandonment, love, forgiveness.

I see the redemption narrative on social media more than any other narrative. Look for it–you’ll find it as well.

The trouble with the redemption narrative, is that it’s the exception, not the rule. People are too often stuck in subconscious loops that prevent them from forgiving themselves of their perceived sins of the past. ALL KINDS OF anti-social and heartbreaking consequences come out of the redemption narrative.

For instance, in the case of substance abuse; those who are in active states of addiction, they feel as if they have failed in some way simply because recovering addicts are not in active disease states. This causes their addiction to grow worse over time. And, even when “sober,” the disease can still be active, if the above themes and narratives are not completely discarded from the person’s subconscious.

Another good example, Obesity: Fat people feel as if they deserve to be treated poorly by others because they must be doing something un-virtuous, something intangible and seemingly unattainable, some perceived bad behavior which skinny people seem to be avoiding, and thus, fat people feel they deserve to feel unworthy.

Most significantly, fat people feel unworthy of proper medical care, because they need to lose weight before they advocate for treatments of their illnesses, and thus, medical problems such as diabetes and heart disease are made much worse by lack of treatment. these are diseases which skinny people also get, but they will more often seek early treatment when they start to feel ill. Furthermore, doctors are NOT above judging fat people harshly, and therefore, subconsciously denying important early interventions to fat people which they would readily prescribe for thin people.

Another example: Animal hoarders. People who think they can save all the stray animals, and they end up creating a putrid cages for their “saved” animals. These people’s intentions are good, but the outcomes are often really horrific.

Here’s the secret to resolving the above dynamics: You can’t fix or change much about anything that goes on in the world.

You are an addict because you have a disease.

You are fat for many, many reasons, most of them NOT related in any way to lifestyle choices, and many factors which remain as of yet undiscovered–likely undiscovered because the medical community has undergone confirmation bias for nearly a century.

Animals are stray because they are stray. You can’t save them all.

Finally, the best way out of this quagmire? Forgive yourself, and tell yourself that what others think and say about you is not your business. And, find something in life that makes you feel as if you’re part of something bigger than yourself–church, a senior center, volunteering at a pet shelter, eating mindfully and joyfully, and moving your body in a way that makes you and your body happy.

For a very good study on the above lesson, I suggest watching Slavoj Zizek’s “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology.” It shows how people can get “stuck” in the tar pit of falsehood.

Do yourself a favor; resolve to be a better curator of the museum that resides in your head. Constantly challenge your own assumptions and don’t tie your ego or identity to any assumptions. You’ll be better off for the effort.

Dummies: Slow Your Roll and Know Your Role

I have decided that stupid people are no longer entitled to their opinions. At least at the polls. I wish there was a technology by which their social media posts could be run through a fact checking process that activates a robot arm on their screens to come out and smack them across the face with a newspaper every time they attempt to post a falsehood.

Or, here’s a quick reference to guide you against falling prey to such falsehoods and innocculate you against stupidity.

1: North Korea is like an impotent penis. They might still be manufacturing sperm (nuclear bombs), but they have yet to demonstrate that they could send bombs to our shores. They barely even spooge into the Sea of Japan. They’ve been under UN sanctions for decades now; which means no money, no technology. They’re still using old-school pre-Steve Jobs Mac computers with floppy disks, for hell’s sake. This is why, it’s likely that, back in 2017, when Drumph sent the nuclear sub fleet to North Korea, the commanders steered in the opposite direction for two days straight. Thank GOD for an educated military. They will save us from our own stupidity. I hope.

2: In 2016, it has been proven that 80% of anti-Hillary, pro-Drumph news stories were from Russian Bots. If you don’t know what a Russian Bot is, you probably are one.

3: 99.9999999% of molested children are molested by their own family members, not some group of deep-state weirdos who hold baby-raping orgies on lush tropical island vacations brokered by DC pizza joints.

4: Evolution is real. So is anthropogenic global warming. The laws of convection and thermodynamics are real. That’s why we call them “Laws.”

5: This one’s specifically for Baby Boomers: There’s been a LOT of digging in the dirt since you were frying your brains out in homeroom. We’ve found lots of dinosaurs, lots of ancient humans, lots of ancient non-human primates, and everything in between. Yes, Virginia, the missing link has been found. Hundreds of them, as a matter of fact. As an added bonus: this has mostly been verified by DNA evidence.

6: If you have thousands of scientific papers stating one thing, and one scientific paper stating another (hello, anti-vaxxers), you should believe what’s contained in the largest pile of papers.

7: You don’t “Believe in” science. You can believe in religion–in fact, I encourage you to do so–but science does not involve belief systems. It is a method by which you eliminate as many variables as possible, all the while keeping your mind open to whatever direction your work steers you. Science does not deal in absolute conclusions, it deals in verification and testing of methods and outcomes.

8: Sexual Harrassment is real. It’s always gone on. Women developed civilization a hundred thousand years before men even thought to join the party. This is why we used to kick out boys from our tribes when they hit puberty. And later, when the boys asked to not have that happen, this is why we would send them out into the woods on their lonesome, to prove their mental stability and usefulness to the tribe. This is why we still have Bar Mitzvahs, for the purpose of demonstrating to 14-year-old boys that they’d better step up and leave childish things behind (including the delusion that 14-year-old girls wanted to worship their penises). Unfortunately, nowadays, only a very few boys now undergo such things, and now we have 60-year-old men who are still under the delusion that 14-year-old girls want to worship their penises. Even worse, 60 year old men are now under the delusion that they’re still young and hip.

9: This one’s for meth-head females and uber-feminists: Look down. See those two things on your chest? See that furry thing between your legs? Their primary purpose is to signal fertility to possible breeding partners and to grow and nourish babies. No amount of Women’s Studies classes or heroin hits will change that fact. You’re a woman. You’re likely going to be a Mom. And being a Mom is the most important job of your entire existence. Don’t fail at it. And if you can’t bring yourself to accept this fact, or live up to the responsibility, then go get sterilized before you give birth to the next mass shooter. I don’t want my kid to be forced to deal with your unwanted crack baby for the remainder of her days.

10: You are NOT an “individual.” Very little of what you’ve done is of your own volition. No matter how hard you THINK you’ve worked to get where you are, 90% of that is due to the even harder work of other people who came before you and who have helped you along the way. Get over yourself. You’re an ant in a colony. Act like one and work for the greater good instead of your own insignificant self.

Sibling Rivalry

Today, I read a report that, finally, Evangelical Christian women are skulking away from their former support of Trump. While it’s easy to poke fun at them, it’s also a point of curiosity with me; why on earth would ANY woman support a man who proudly proclaimed…well, you know what he proclaimed. You know that he’s a sexist dirtbag. You can’t NOT know it, thanks to the 24/7/365 news cycles.

But, I think it’s a worthy question to ask, why did these women support him in the first place?  It really seems inconceivable, yet, polling numbers show that 52% of white women voted for Trump. Over half of white women, despite the very clear allegations of sexual harrassment coming from DOZENS of women, despite his thrice-married, never faithful, cavalier attitude toward his own personal relationships, let alone his professional relationships, which, again, were mostly relationships of convenience, in which he stole from lots and lots of people over the past 40 years. There is nothing redeemable about him. So why would women ever support him?  Why?


I think it goes deeper than simple power-hungriness. I think that, as white people, we KNOW, deep-down, that we enjoy privileges that others don’t. I think we also spend our lives rationalizing that fact away in our heads.

I still can’t come to terms with it. I understand that as a white woman in America, I didn’t have it nearly as bad as so many other people in this country. I also understand that my ancestors did horrible things to our brown and black brothers and sisters, things that ultimately made my life possible, but also tainted my life with un-earned privilege.

How can anybody really reconcile that in their brain? I haven’t reconciled it yet, but I also acknowledge the fact that I’m privileged and lucky to have been born this color in this State in this Country.

So, with regards to the White Evangelical Conservative women, am I really that different from them? I know such women, and they’re incredibly earnest and down-to-earth. I almost look at their political leanings as anomalous to their core being. I typically write it off as a form of brainwashing, I see those women as having been subject to the propaganda not only from the media, but often from their own Pastors. Yet, they’re often the first to show up and the last to leave if you’re lucky enough to be their friend or neighbor when tragedy or calamity strikes.

And, as neuroscientists now very well understand (And propagandists and marketing departments have understood for millenia), the human brain is kind of dumb when it comes to processing information. If the brain hears something often enough and loudly enough and vehemently enough, the brain begins to believe it, even in the face of all evidence to the contrary. I see my White Evangelical sisters as thus politically manipulated. I love them nonetheless, but their stubbornness yet confounds me.

Now, there IS a sub-group of White Evangelical women that I truly don’t “get.” They’re often store-bought, made-up, with fake everything. I sometimes wonder if they’ve completely lost themselves within that bleached-blonde, acrylic-nailed, breast-augmented shell they’ve created for themselves. They seem consumed with appearance, compelled to keep up with the Joneses, and thus, are particularly susceptible to marketing schemes and propaganda techniques. I suspect it’s this particular sub-group that cling to Trump, since everything about him is echoed within their own lives–which is to say, the acquisitiveness, arrogance, pretentiousness, shallowness, and lack of self-awareness is reflected in both Trump and these women. I can only assume these people feel empty inside, so they slather on frivolous accessories to hide the hole in their soul.


But, what of the typically more “moderate” White Protestant and White Catholic women? Are they really much “better” than their Evangelical sisters? Sure, they’re paying lip service to equality and choice, but they’re overlooking so many important women’s issues, such as housing fairness, welfare programs, homelessness, paid maternity leave, and so on.

These women often live in a hermetically-sealed bubble of relative comfort and ease, while people in their own neighborhood suffer. Although I admit, these women are actually quite service-minded and civically-oriented. They are tremendously generous with charitable donations, because God expects you to serve. Typically, if you’re a conservative Protestant or a Catholic, you tend to be quite generous and service-oriented. These are the ladies who arrange funerals and clothing drives and serve in food banks and soup kitchens. They’re not a bad cohort, really, but they still have this underlying belief that their position in life is somehow merited.


And, I can’t help but also include the most confounding group; Liberal White Women of all religious backgrounds; women who should know better, women who are largely well-educated at Liberal Arts Universities, and who understand on a granular level how the world works. These women, who will write checks and have garden party fundraisers to alleviate their guilt, but who, despite voting for the “right” person, still do not acknowledge their privilege. Who still, in their heart of hearts, believe that, somehow, their position has something to do with their hard work and perseverance. Women who still look down on other women in distress.


Having said that, there are a good number of women from all of the above groups, but typically are comprised of the more educated among them, and among whom black women are over-represented among these angels, women who have worked in the trenches their entire lives; women who have “been there,” and who usually very frankly pull women aside and tell them where the bear shits; they tell them how to get help, women who give their downtrodden sisters a big hug, who feed them, clothe them, shelter them, and who avoid judging them, and who supply them with information and who plug women in need into networks which can help them get back on their feet.

These special women are not afraid to get their hands dirty. And, they’re not afraid to show unconditional love and acceptance for the less fortunate among us. They keep the world turning.

But, more white women should join their ranks. Often, you can see shining examples of such women in positions of Social Work. Women who run homeless shelters or food banks, or religious women who volunteer for Jewish Family Services, Catholic Community Services, and I will even include the Mormon Relief Society women, who, while they are typically politically conservative, they also do not seem to exhibit any signs of judgment toward the people they serve. All of these women work their asses off, with no judgment of those they work for. The world is a better place for their presence in it.


Ultimately, all white woman need at least a modicum of introspection; even white women who would NEVER have supported Trump in a thousand years, even “enlightened” white women who feel as if they’ve done a lot of good, we all need to take a look at our own reasons for voting for who we vote for, for supporting who we support. What does that support cover up? Your own self-loathing or your own guilty conscience? It’s time to take a deep look within ourselves and discover the very real truths that lie underneath all the lies we tell ourselves to feel “OK.”

This ain’t no garden party, bitch.

LBJ once said. “Liberals are a bunch of pussies; that’s why they never win anything.”

So, my bleeding-heart, shrinking violet liberal friends, and my complacent well-off white liberal-ish friends; if you haven’t gotten the memo yet, be aware that we are at war; and your kids are going to die–literally–in this war. Our enemies have not played by the rules, nor have they pulled any punches. Nor should we.

A complete and utter nut job is in power because you guys can’t stomach what it takes to get the job done, to completely annihilate the enemy; to smear their names and their families names all over the pavement for everybody to see. In this battle, nothing short of complete extinction will do, so stop cockblocking this form of guerrilla warfare and pick up a pen or pull up a podium and learn how to hit what you’re shooting at. Or get the hell out of the way of people who know how to do this shit.

To be clear, no right-wing nut-cases were harmed in the publishing of this article; this guerrilla operative infiltrated right-wing nut-job websites for data gathering, posted some fake news stories to get their one functioning brain cell firing, then trolled the living shit out of them.

What I am saying–and I’m sure you’ve noticed my rhetoric changing over the course of the past six months–is that when you have a racist friend or a white entitled friend, call them out on that shit. Don’t let up. Tell them their thinking is fucked up, and that therefore, their opinions don’t deserve to see the light of day. Shame them for being the stupid fucks that they are and stop inviting them to your annual block parties. And don’t just stop there; take on the racist or clueless assholes out in public–not your workplace, you need to keep your job.

Those jerks in line at the DMV bitching about government? Call them out for being ungrateful, spoiled little brats. Those red-hat-wearing motherfuckers at the military surplus store? They so much as utter one word about politics, and you should hand them their empty heads on a platter. That white lady salesclerk with giant fake nails complaining about people paying with food stamps? Tell her to shut her mouth and ring up the goddamned order before you go to her boss and get her ignorant ass fired so she can enjoy the food stamp life as well.

We are WAYYYYY too tolerant of each other. We need to grow some balls and cull our herds of people who have too many opinions and too few brains.

Oh, and while you’re at it, let’s go after those sissy vegan animal rights activists.  I’m a carnivore, bitch!  This, of all years, in Utah, the voting body of our state Democratic party feebly announced that their new priority was “animal rights,” (which is a pussy’s way of getting out of doing REAL social change) My suggestion for shutting them down? Hold a Carnivorous picnic right in front of them–rare beef steaks, ostrich burgers, rabbit stew, and squirrel souffle.

And keep your rifle nearby just in case a stupid city duck waddles by; fill that thing full of shot, pluck and gut the duck right in front of those Dems, chop it’s head off, wipe it’s ass, and cook it up in some tangy orange sauce.

When they complain, tell them to get over themselves. We are omnivorous. It’s written into our ancient history; the calories we gained by cooking meat allowed us to evolve into smarter apes. Our ancient predecessors–much like modern-day monkeys and birds–used tools–those tools enabled us to kill giant animals and chop up big chunks off of the carcasses we killed, and allowed us to carry away the meat and cook that shit up before a fearsome quadruped with claws and fangs came along and claimed the carcass for themselves.

Then, our brains grew bigger, because we used tools and fire to get enough calories to run those big brains. Then, we evolved into homo sapiens and made even more cool tools to kill and eat animals with, and then we found that, since we didn’t have to spend all the live-long day chewing fibrous roots and leaves, we had plenty of time left over to paint on cave walls, domesticate grass, and make bead necklaces–hence, modern-day barbecue cook-offs, gluten-free bakeries, and street festivals selling crappy home-made jewelry.

If they complain, tell them that if they don’t pull their heads out of their vegan asses, their kids will certainly be scavenging road kill–or each other–after our entire civilization has crumbled.


The Parabolic decline of the American Economy was created by those who were born at the Apex.

“Even though their predecessors were valued as members of their family, Baby Boom adolescents became largely unmoored from the family and societal structure they were designed to support.”

I think three major factors are at play in the decline of our economy after the mid-60’s.

First, the baby boomers are the first generation of leisure teenagers. Previous to the 1940s, Children were expected to help out on family farms or in family shops; whereas policy changes prior to the mid-1940s through the late 1950s, thanks to financial and labor reforms enacted during the Great Depression, resulted in unprecedented prosperity in which a single earner could support a whole household comfortably.

This phenomenon had real ramifications in terms of the social and brain development of baby boomers.

Previous to Post WWII America, infants, young children and adolescents were viewed as a precious resource of the family. But once economic reforms were realized in postwar America, middle class America was awash in disposable income.

Prosperity tends to create emotional distance within family and social groups. So, when families began to be created after the war, that emotional distance was evident in childrearing practices.

For instance, in infancy, the Baby Boom babies were suddenly expected to become independent at an early age. Newborns were suddenly expected to “sleep in their own bed” and to “sleep through the night.”

Additionally, germ theory of disease was being developed, further distancing people from their families. The healthy and bonding practice of breastfeeding was all but eliminated; it was thought of as “unsanitary ,” and thus, it became regular medical protocol to inject a post-partum mother with drugs to “dry up their milk,” so that they didn’t have to bother with breastfeeding; and instead, they bottle-fed their babies formula. This reduced the bond between mothers and their children, and had very subtle but very real impact on the personality development of Baby Boomers as they entered childhood.

That bond was further severed by lack of real need by their parents to employ their own children to maintain the household. Baby Boom children grew up largely idle, watching TV and socializing with their peers.

So, even though their predecessors were valued as members of their family, Baby Boom adolescents became largely unmoored from the family and societal structure they were designed to support.

Adolescence is a period of serious brain pruning and specialization, in addition, it is also a period of exquisite physical strength and endurance. Teenagers are supposed to be picking up the slack that older family members and younger family members cannot perform, they are also learning to become part of a larger group by working to support the family unit; and baby boomers missed out on an important feature of that specialization, which is physical and mental preoccupation with family and community survival.

The second major feature shaping the generation of baby boomers is media marketing. They were the first generation to be a marketing demographic.

This further changes the developing adolescent brain. Previously, adolescents had been largely viewed as workers or helpers or apprentices. They were looked upon as not quite finished human beings, and therefore were subject to the experience and wisdom of older people.

But in such time of prosperity, with marketing techniques that singled out teenagers, the teenagers were made to feel more important then there more experienced elders. Again, this creates brain connections that become much less malleable toward the mid 20s. The modern day right-wing disparaging term, “special snowflake,” could well apply to the entire generation of baby boomers.

The third major factor contributing to Baby Boomer Sociopathy, is also a result of that short period of middle-class prosperity during the 40’s and 50’s: Opportunity.

Baby Boomers received unprecedented access to economic and educational opportunities; college was either free or VERY affordable; housing was still indexed to prevailing wages; mortgage lending was strongly regulated and curtailed the forces that eventually, after de-regulating the mortgage industry in the 1980’s and 90’s, caused the bust of the despicable derivatives market created by shady accounting practices that created the housing bubble of the previous two decades.

Additionally, consumer goods were very affordable all the while wages–thanks to labor unions–were livable, for even the least skilled entry-level jobs.

Baby Boomers were handed a golden economy on a silver platter, and without the work ethic and sense of belonging to their families and communities that earlier generations had, they took it all for themselves and didn’t bother to save anything for future generations.

Being born 5 years after the Baby Boom, I had a front row seat to this carnage. My siblings who were born before me, they paid very little for college tuition, maybe a couple hundred dollars a month; their rent was another couple hundred, and food, gas, and other items, were maybe 500 per month. A pretty decent life could be financed on a waitress wage until the late 80’s, as Baby Boomers moved into management and policymaker jobs, and they began changing the prudent policies throughout the 80’s and 90’s, taking our economic and labor protections back to pre-Depression America.

As it stands now, the children of Baby Boomers are totally screwed.

Many young working men and women live together in groups, in cramped small apartments or housing units, and they still can’t get ahead.

College tuition is not affordable even by upper middle class standards, and thus, now college students can expect to pay back their student loans for decades after they graduate.

Food and other consumer goods are so high priced that you can tell a person’s level of income by the quality of their diet.

Many Millenials have no access to health care, and therefore are developing diseases and conditions in their 30’s that their parents could likely have headed off with a trip to an affordable medical provider.

The children of Baby Boomers are largely constrained to mind-numbing service sector jobs–such as call centers–which produce unhealthy, depressed workers. This is specifically because once their parents–the Baby Boomers–took over, they began to dismantle the very systems which gave them their own prosperity.

Finally, instead of following the evolutionarily proscribed dictums of their forefathers, Boomers have shirked their responsibility to their own grandchildren, forcing their children to pay astronomical prices for child care services so they can work.

Our ancestors’ only reason to live beyond their 40’s or 50’s was to take care of their grandchildren while their children went off and worked. That is THE REASON we humans live as long as we do–caring for the young’uns.

Instead of doing that, Baby Boomers may occasionally entertain their grandchildren for an afternoon, while the children take a much-needed mental break, but rarely can the children of Baby Boomers lean on their parents for any kind of daily support–financial, childcare, or otherwise. In fact, Baby Boomers are LITERALLY spending their golden years squandering all the money they stole while they were working and making policies which screwed the succeeding generations.

Yet Baby Boomers have the nerve to chide their children for being “entitled.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Milennials and Generation Z–of which my daughter is a part–are the ones who will have to piece back even the most rudimentary aspects of civilization, such as clean water, transportation infrastructures, and worker protections, for future generations.